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10 Jan 2005

first off '

Sorry to anyone who missed out and felt left out ' Obscure goes on holiday too so there have been a few gaps in the program over the last we while.

In fact so much has happened & I'm not sure if we know it all either .. anyway we are all back at work and back on the LCD so order will be resorted '

I am hearing good & bad reports from all parties, so i guess it's business as usual on the new years front. We were squared away in the back country trying to stay out of the rain long enough to let off the fireworks, which worked well for us.

Other interesting news is hard to find because media today is saturated with consumable news and I've run out of cash. So I would expect Obscure to keep fronting with the story the way we see it '

Actually you all know that things are what you make of it' and so far people seem to be making fairly good things of Obscure. So if you feel you have something good that you want made fairly .. we suggest you get in touch !!

Does that make sense to everyone?

I hope so cause Obscure is now to old to care enough about anything' other than what we want to care about. This may change at anytime, but like all good friends once you get to know us you won't care about it either.

I sincerely hope that everyone has a fantastic year this year, and we all look forward to making the world the place we want to be.

Shouts out to Simon ' for the g2002 doco .. I know I'm two years late but ' hey!

Big up's to the Rainbow Flight in Nelson for making the best Poi on the planet, and for being great human beings all the time.

To all the people in Ton Sai we love you and may the Freedom Bar stand forever.

Love and Peace to all the warriors, you know who you are! Everyone else, get with the program before you are one.

Oh yea .. and psurkit is lost in paradise'

alive and kicking