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glow in the dark Spikey

emperor spikey sonic

29 Jan 2005

Remote Host:

Hi there, I used to have glow in the dark Spikey hair in the UK when out clubbing...and was wondering can you help please?

I can still get the Ice Spiker to do the Spikes but cant get my Stargazer UV Glow hair spray (pre Blue and Green), Stargazer is all over alternative shops and stalls and london. Very popular with various sub cultures and cheap as its not in fancy hair salons but stalls, clubby clothing and accessories shops etc.


Partly as I aint seen it here and also cant airmail aerosols...

So do you know where you can get it here or a kiwi alternative that comes out strong as I have dark hair.

Also use their uv hairgel as uv glow bodypaint


Any suggestions that does not stain clothes at all that can be washed out on the crap washing machines you get in hostels as a test bed?


Try here http://www.mish.co.nz/