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General House Duties

Getting into town, getting down to the Concrete Club in Christchurch. Checking out the sounds of Shannon Aston with the voice of Celine.

1 Jun 2005

It can be difficult sometimes when you have such high expectations for music and situations. There are obviously ways that people can struggle to match the needs of everyone in the room.

So painlessly I was surprised, refreshed and relaxed by the sounds of Shannon Aston on the weekend. Set in the company of and the understated energy of her vocal adornment.

Entering new club environments is always refreshing, flush with new sounds sexy staff and the sensation that you are so cosmopolitan. The generic style of stylish is certainly enough to match the mood of being underground.

It feels so much like I used to live in London, but luckily the kiwi 'ness is eluded by letting go of the pretense and getting on with the business. Despite being directly underneath and across the road and in hurling distance of some of CHCH most formless booze halls, the Concrete Club seems perfectly blasé with its slightly more sophisticated presence.

Shannon is the only house Dj from Christchurch that I have even heard about recently. So I was curious to the bump and flow of his throw down. In my mindless opinion House music is suffering from a little neglect at the moment.

It seems Shannon is unaware of my opinion. Presenting mouthfuls of deep juicy floor booty house without nary a hint of disco, mirror balls or have you seen my handbag I seem to have lost the anthem.

I would almost suggest that some of the tunes were a little challenging, grinding and delightful for grabbing your girl and gunning her hips. Exceptionally it was all arranged with very little fuss and bother, music and moods were in the room.

Among all this we quietly sat in the comfort of friends, sometimes talking and sometimes dancing. In the company of Celine is such wonderful grace as people come to meet her, seeking the voice, hearing the words, feeling their fate.

Such subtle blends of Saturday night, booze and fights, this underground club without any debate to progress or placement. Keeping it right, avoiding the fuss.

Shannon Aston is alright, I like that house.