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Gather Round

A sexy music documentary about The Gathering - a 3 day dance party held over New Year. Comedian, Radar investigates hardcore, wallows in tribal mud, eats Jesus food and insults the world's No. 1 DJ.

18 Feb 2002

TV3 2pm Sunday 24th February 2002

Unlike any New Year ever experienced, comedian Radar takes on the challenge of tent erection and polyester clothing as he heads to The Gathering.

During the three day dance party he investigates hardcore, wallows in tribal mud, eats Jesus food and insults the world's No. 1 DJ.

"It's not like Timor" he says.

"As someone who normally avoids New Years Eve crowds, the idea of joining the thronging masses not only for the night but for 3 days did initially strike me as eminently stupid. However it proved to be a thoroughly enthralling experience."

The beat of the tribal drum draws Radar to a group of grown men wallowing in pool of mud. Here they explain the mysteries of the universe before painting Radar with sticky red markings.

Hypnotised by his new understanding of life Radar is almost convinced to join them in the slurry puddle, before he is reminded of his contractual obligations to meet and talk to top Kiwi musicians like Pitch Black, rotor+, The Black Seeds and DLT.

After a hard time in the dance zones, down in the mess tent, Radar meets with the Jesus Food people who are hoping for a miracle to help feed thousands of hungry 'gatherers'. He winds up eating a plate in the early morning, while waiting for one more big name to arrive.

The Gathering organisers hooked up the world's #1 DJ, John Digweed, all the way from London, to play for the thrashing crowds. They allow him to speak to Radar. Who challenges John to tell him what he really does.

Over the three days Radar checks out the seven dance zones, meets NZ's top electronic acts, welcomes in the New Year alongside thousands of other revelers and has very close call with a large group weilding fire poi.

Camping in the middle of nowhere, at one of NZ's only non-alcoholic New Year's, The Gathering is described as "a dream" by one punter, and has reached cult status amongst young revelers.

An eclectic mix of madness, Gather Round is the ultimate trip to the underground sexy summer camp of NZ music.

For further info contact Carthew Neal - carthew@gibson.co.nz