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Fevah visits Dunedin

A great turnout for the phenomenon known as Fevah at Room 73 on Saturday 13th July. It was all hype as the dj's cranked some wicked tunes.

19 Jul 2002

If the music store below Room 73 had anything hanging from its ceilings, it won't any more after Saturday July 13th when the Fevah cd release tour party hit Dunedin.

The party only comes a few times a year, but it does a good job of it when it does. It is full of hard house, NRG, dance, trance and tunes to send you soaring.

The mood was mellow to start off with as the first DJ Bevan Blackie spun some sounds but it was not until near twelve that people started to get off their seats. (May have had to do with the selection at the bars). He soon got the crowd going and the floor filled quickly. Looking around Room 73 it had been plastered with the Fevah spirals and logos making a perfect neon dancing paradise. The area was small, and the heat increased, creating a mass of high energy and enthusiasm with the display of very funky rave lights.

Next on the tables was Hawkes, who entertained with uplifting tunes, including a wicked remix of Dumonde's 'Tomorrow' He maintained the incredible floor movement created from the dancing silhouettes in the smoke. Even more hype is always created by the crowd showing their support for the DJ and the DJ giving it right back to them.

The final DJ for the night, Andrew Innes did a fantastic job, even after a slight hiccup of the music mysteriously turning off, but after a quick save and some pumping sounds the crowd were in amongst it once again. I was having so much fun , even with cramp in one foot by then , that I did not want to leave. The atmosphere was amazing and it was good to see so many people that enjoyed this sort of music.

It was a great help that this event was well advertised and it does not take long for word of mouth to get around. I even had the chance to briefly talk to Innes and Hawkes and that was great because its always good to meet the people you have read and heard about that make the music you love to dance to.

Along with that, Blackie is an up and coming local DJ who has been very lucky to play with and be taught by the Fevah DJ's. I believe that Fevah are a group that has done and will do very well in the future because of their high skills, energy levels and seeking out new talent..... and I gathered from the moods of the crowd on Saturday night they would not mind if there was some more of it.