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Thru the Eye of Obscure

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Miami lad lets rip'

Obscure checks it ' as World champion DJ Craze hit the Civic.

6 May 2003

A night of great anticipation had finally approached the Avon city. World champion Miami man DJ Craze hit the Civic with enormous force for a night of stylish moves, drum n bass and a double dose of hip hop.

First up Otago native Shan got the heads bopping. The hoards burst out onto Manchester St, proving how greatly Craze's reputation precedes him.

As the crowd swarmed, MC Slave performed sufficient intro's and Ill Semantic's CXL took to the decks with all the cheesy hip hop around, including hit of the night; 50 Cent's 'In Da Club' to get the bootys shakin'. After a faultless set the master himself stepped up to his own set of decks, creating an electrifying atmosphere within the mighty confines of the Civic.

The Miami lad let rip with loads of gangster drum n bass. Dillinja's latest 'How Dare You' blew the caps off the dnb heads, along with a good "dosage" of Bad Company.

But it seemed that hip hop ruled the night and the massive was more than happy to get jiggy with that. All the classics were pulled out including tunes from Mob Deep and the Dogg.

As expected Craze pulled off a remarkably polished set before breaking out his world famous moves on the decks, slipping and sliding through mixes, limbs moving with lightening speed, mesmerizing those in the crowd that weren't too busy being drunken louts!

After a gruelling three hour set Craze retreated leaving ecstatic Cantarbrians in his wake before Presha and Mosus finished off the evening's show. There is no doubt people went away satisfied with that $30 ticket.