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DJ Cardiac Looking for people to collaborate with.

Hi, I'm a DJ/Producer from London UK working in Palmerston North for a year. I'm looking for people to work with on electronically-influenced music.

26 Aug 2005

I DJ deep house, detroit techno, electro, some broken beats and have promoted a few nights in London too (http://www.kingnaz.co.uk and follow links to SHIFTY). I

I Produce all sorts of electronic stuff on my laptop, and would REALLY like to work with other people on this as it's more fun.

I'm up for working with DJs, producers, MCs, Musicians, singers... whatever.

I'm particularly keen on working with someone who can write songs and play instruments so that I can record and produce the stuff. That would be great...

My influences are many and very broad...Main influences/inspirations: Two Lone Swordsmen, Mos def, Quasimoto, Drexciya, Drexciya, Drexciya, Aphex Twin, Photek, Prodigy (early pre-fat of the land), Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Missippi John Hart, Bebel Gilberto, Bugz in the Attic... many more.

Please email me on andrewmilne10@hotmail.com if you are around and up for making some bwaaaaad tunes.