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disco is for wimps'

.. long ago before the crime of sampling and being a human duke box !

20 Apr 2003

As the NZ dancefloor continues to gain identity, it is ever evolving, mutating. A raft of new producers and a blossoming list of NZ music grown from our own experience, the vibe is becoming stronger.

How did it all happen' why did any of it happen ' what happened ?

Well in the flavor of the of NZ music month . .. /profiles/turnstyle goes digging around in the Obscure archives for a few classic bits and pieces '

Defining moments or just ' things that happened, ,maybe the dancefloor today
is only here because someone couldn't play an electric guitar . . !

G what was that'
Shifting ideas
Plus Plus
Conventional Toasters
Fresh as you Fnuck'in like
very fabric of the universe
virtue exploited on rhythm
no# 8 wire

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"Forget the bland, prepackaged shrinkwrapped club fare they've been pulling
you with and calling 'cutting edge dance music' " Quoted - JERK 97