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Destination: Pre gig tension and narcolepsy antics...

404 am and still at it...

24 Feb 2004

Working round the clock to get the excrement shuffled around till it resembles an organised pile of crap, our intrepid reporter slumps onto the keyboard. The email has been sent and there is no turning back.

At last I have sent the DMX and AC list to the MAN to get converted into fish crates of black plastic neatly coiled electron transporters ready to sproing into a nightmare a cable madness.

We got the truck, it may or may not have internal rachet straps, these puppys stop nasty bumps from sending 60 G's worth of gear storming around the back of the truck and self destructing, hell even the light bulbs alone would make your bank account wince.

So where are we goin? To Destination, why? to create havoc, spread madness and in genral have a f*****g blast. I am really looking forward to this, the sun, the wind, the rocks, the cold starry skies, Oh yes freezing ones bollocks off while trying to mouse in a sequence on the old LJ is one of my pet kinks. Oh yeah and the music, the freaks, the kids on hugs spreading a thin layer of no2 bulbs all over the f'ing place (hey pick em up!)

We got the lights, man. We got em and we are going to RINSE them out this year. We are on site on the 25th with my stereo and we have two nights of uninterupted programming in which to get the things right.

So when you see the bad ass guy with the beard yelling his head off just take a moment to reflect, he ain't crazy or stupid, he's your lighting guy and he's suffering from DEEP SLEPRIVATION. Be kind...

Deep respect to Tim A, Rosie O, Justin K and the Destination team.

Mr Corporate "gonzo" Deathmachine.