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Consciousness about ED drugs

Most of the people are not aware of the consiquences or effects of ED drugs. In this article you will get to know about the ED drugs and there effects and harms caused to human being.

4 Jun 2005

Viagra is not used by limited number of people but it is used by millions of people all over the world. Viagra is available in the erectile dysfunction market since last 5 years. But earlier, there have been few cases of blindness reported due to the use of Viagra.

The news that 38 people got blind after consuming Viagra is really very shocking. This has become a matter of concern now. Some eye specialists have warned FDA about this in 1998 but no appropriate action was taken. This shows how governments and other authorities play with the heath of people.

Eye specialists are saying that there could be a possible connection because Viagra alters blood flow in key parts of the body and it could affect circulation to the optic nerve.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that a particular type of blindness occurs in men who are suffering from diabetes and heart problems. Erectile dysfunction can also be one of the factors influencing the cases of blindness. The people who consume Viagra are more affected by this problem.

These drugs are used to get proper flow of blood to penis and this actually happens but body contains limited amount of blood. When blood flow is more in penis, other parts of the body gets affected as they does not get proper blood flow. The main cause behind people getting blind due to Viagra can be the reason as mentioned below.

Erectile dysfunction drugs work by redistributing blood flow where it's "needed." However, that means there's less blood available for other parts of the body and that can have a profound impact on the eyes.to know more about ED drugs and there effects visit http://www.cialismagic.com

There is not much awareness among people regarding Viagra and its use. One must understand or consult a physician to know who all are eligible to consume this drug. Its benefits and side effects should be mentioned on it.

Now we can compare both the drugs Cialis and Viagra. Cialis has not shown such side effects. People who were using Viagra can take Cialis but after consulting there doctor.

No one will advice to take these drugs without consulting doctor. Cialis is now the best drug present in the market for treating ED. As all the drugs taken to cure ED have one motive and that is to improve erection and arousal or getting rid of impotence, Cialis is getting more popular.

The makers of Cialis, a Viagra rival, have updated their label warning of rare cases of blindness. Although Cialis and Viagra are rivals, but Cialis has already updated its label warning of rare cases of blindness among people compared to Viagra.

People consuming Viagra or any other ED drug should contact there doctors and if they prescribe it to them than only it should be taken. Cialis is a drug on which all the things are mentioned like who can take and who can not. As people suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure can not take Cialis drugs. Now it's the time for people to get aware about themselves and their needs. They will have to be more aware and conscious about their health.

Various surveys are going on now and people are saying that if problem related to optical damage condition remains people will stop taking Viagra and will start searching new and better option than this one.

One option is available in the market and that is Cialis but before using it gather proper and full information about this weekend drug.

To read more articles realted to impotence cialis visit http://www.cialismagic.com/articles/index.php