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Bye Bye Napster?

"Brilliant lawsuit. Just what we need to stop the music industry from being ripped off. Every artist and retailer out there potentially has something to lose if Napster gets it's way." Uhh... Not...

28 Jul 2000

"Brilliant lawsuit. Just what we need to stop the music industry from being ripped off. Every artist and retailer out there potentially has something to lose if Napster gets it's way."

Uhh... not...

The music industry IS the ripoff.

Do you know how much artists get fucked over by big music industry?

See here and here.

Do you know how hard it is for a new artist (or an old one if they aren't selling 1000000+ units) get released

What if somone wants to make music and just 'get it out there'

Music industry has been ripping everyone off for years, with tactics not unlike those of microsoft (witness their engineering the death of vinyl so they could put or more expensive but cheaper to manufacture cds)

About time somone took a chunk out of them even if the average napster user buys _more_ music than the a non user.

"I love macster, I found many long lost KLF tracks, and if you can find me a record company who is willing to maintain proper back catalogues then yes shut napster down, but while company in the industry continue to manipulate sales, availability and formats then long live napster and all it's clone, may they spread like a virus."

examples of records company ripoffs
Orb Ultra world double pack - delete the day it was released (common practice)
OMC - How bizarre 50,000 copies of single sold in NZ, deleted to help sell the album, even when people still wanted the single only.
Why is Sony involved in the lawsuit while promoting the mp3 format & players and advertise the downloading of music from the net..

"I wouldn't be too concerned about the artists, they will always produce music and they will get from it what they put into it. Retailers on the other hand are nearly obsolete. All the major record companies are buying up big, or being bought up, on internet assets. It's just a matter of time before the only way to buy music will be on the net. Apart from specialist shops that cater to specific formats like vinyl. Broadband connections + fast, rewriteable CD burners = death to mainstream music retailers. All mainstream music retailers mark up their stock by at least 100%, not that I am saying that music will be 50% cheaper, but it will certainly come down in price and give record companies healthier margins, which in turn will (hopefully) help them to develop local music."

"Arse. the record comany's most recent projections are that downloaded music will amount to 10% of total revenue in 5 years (and even if they're 300% out, the following still holds) so rather than piss off retail (ie the other 90%) by going direct, the record companies are partnering with retailers who have clicks and mortar setups to sell the mp3's on their sites....emi/warner is already doing this with virgin.

as far as the margins go, record co's aint in the business of reducing their cut. if the channel costs come down, all that happens is they make more money. i'd expect that cash to be going to lear jet upgrades rather than developing local music...

shut down napster etc, maintain status quo but in an online way, reduce costs of production, make more money, buy more coke."

"I agree that big music companies are just in to fuck everyone for the most money. No doubt about that. All i am saying is that the NAPSTA thing could easily make all music available to everyone. Even people like Cuffy & Leon would be left wide open for a right royal(ty) shafting sometime in the future.

I don't work for free (OK, i do at the moment) but i would be pissed off if music that i had produced was getting all round the world for free (unless i run on peace, love and mung beans)."

"...even if i had vinyl out, i'd still do that. djs want vinyl, and most punters don't have a 1200 hoocked up to their pc at work. And it'd rather having people listing to my tracks than not. I can't speak for others but i make the stuff to be listened to, not to be sold like so many cans of coke.

Just cos people download your music for free doesnt mean you cant earn a living off of your music.

And lets get one thing straight: as an artist - you naturally want as many people as possible to hear your music and enjoy it... thats what its for, right?

Now as a business-person or a human being who needs to eat and wants to be filthy rich etc is where the resentment towards Napster comes from...

But its pretty myopic to look at the situation and think "this is entirely wrong - how can I stop it?". because short of suing all the people actually downloading your tracks and putting those bad bad people away for a long time theres nowt you can do.

Instead, people should be looking at the huge opportunities it presents for spreading their music far and wide.

To quote so many ravey tunes, "this is the dawn of a new era..."