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Breakz of Dawn is canceled and why...

This is to help spread the word about what happened to this event and why it won't be on.

8 Nov 2001

Breakz of dawn

10/11/01 Saturday @ Massey Memorial is cancelled...

We got f__ked by Wellington city council and cultural affairs.

The council told us we could hold this party, if we met the health and safety requirements,which we did...It seemed all good and all go until last night when I got a call from cultural affairs telling me they had been informed of this event by council and they had no right to allow us to hold it, the only options were to talk to the massey family (move location) or cancel..

Cultural affairs tried the first option,this failed.. We spent all day trying to organise an alternative venue, and got completely f__ked around..there is no way we are able to do this event this weekend and don't really want to risk loosing any more money until we have everything exactly worked out...
So Breakz of Dawn is canceled for the time-being....

We're going to attempt to reorganise everything and sort something new out at some point in the future, but for awhile we need to take a breather and reassess what has happened and where we're going to go from here, if we can get the council in any way (which is extremely unlikely)....
So sorry to everyone involved...

Refunds will be available asap from Cosmic corner and firm fm..
(If you got a promo from active,don't even bother trying,they're distinctively different)

To get a refund you will need to have the ticket,information sheet and DJ list all together with the bag.

This is a sorry state of affairs for all of us and we're sorry it's f__ked out but as you can see it's not actually our fault, it's infuriating and frustrating to know that working through the correct channels(ie:local body government) results in this sort of thing, and only a couple of days before the event also..

Please foward this information on to those you know who would be interested
Peace + Respect

P.lex collective

Please foward this on to all you know who are interested in this event