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Bombing Linkage

Alternate sources of info on the WTC Bombing

14 Sep 2001

Status of the investigation

Flight 93 Passenger Said He Planned Action

Controllers' Tale of Flight 11

FBI Agents Search Hotels; Arrests Made

animation of the routes of flights 11, 193, and 175

Somerset Crash Scene Searched; "Hero" May Have Aborted Terror Mission

Cell Calls From Planes Reveal Horror

How the World Trade Center Fell

Video and Pictures

911 videos

Role of the Internet

Net Offers Lifeline Amid Tragedy

World Trade Center Staff Sent E-Mails After Planes Struck

Help Sites Spring Up in Aftermath of WTC Assaults


Terrorism and Children


Chronic Underfunding of US HUMINT Plays Role in Intelligence Failures

Michael Moore's commentary

On the Bombings, by Noam Chomsky

The Best and Worst From Our Leaders During Crises

Terrorists Are Made, Not Born

The Rhetoric of War
(with examples from editorial pages)

an example of that rhetoric


background on the Mt. Weather bunker where the politicians were probably taken

outline of relevant anti-terrorism etc laws

Airport Access Control
(one of the security reports that was never properly acted on)


Arab newspapers

French language news sources on the attack

Nous Sommes Tous Americains,5987,3222--221600-,00.html

worldwide news in English

Thousands of Newspapers on the Net