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Does the man ever stop playing?!

8 Dec 2003

BLIM gave the energizer bunny a run for his money on the Christchurch leg of his tour at Carbon... leaving languishing DJs propping up the bar in his wake and keeping Tiki on his toes all night.

He played for so long I don't know if the support even got on the decks, it was dawn when the breaks got the best of me and I rolled VERY drunkenly home.

There were so many choice tunes dropped I stopped remembering after a while , the freshest beats were chopped with old funk and soul tunes and the dancefloor NEVER cleared.

He obviously had a blast or else was extremely happy for some other reason (can I have some of what he's got?) smiling his face off, playing up for the camera and jumping so high behind those decks he damn near knocked himself out. Check the pics