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Big Bad Bass Tour

With more than six hundred tickets sold to the show, it was obvious the Wellington massive were coming out in numbers for a huge night with a pair of drum n bass legends.

13 Nov 2002

Subnine was ridiculously packed out, proving a boogie on the dance floor more a battle to find space. The revved up massive electrified the night by screaming for more at every silent moment.

B-Lo pulled off a polished set, while keeping a constant eye on the amping crowd in order to give them what they craved ... big, bad, bass!

The local boy was first to whip out Missy Elliot's 'Sock it to me' mix, which went on to be track of the night as it was broken out several times throughout.

With no announcement, the dynamic duo from the UK took to the decks with extreme cool and calm. The crowd's excitement burst out the front doors, superseding the enthusiasm shown in the DJ box. Almost immediately the bass levels skyrocketed, as Lemon D brought the crowd into a mosh with an ecstatic mix of our very own MC Tali's 'Lyric on my Lip', a crowd pleaser without a doubt.

As anticipated, Dillinja tracks ran rampant, including bass infested 'Japan' thumped out by the master himself.

Barely two hours into their set, a skipping CD player understandably annoyed Lemon. Within minutes the lads retreated as modestly as they had started, leaving a very disappointed crowd behind.

Presha was handed the reins, stepping up to keep every body moving for a further three hours. It was obvious Dillinja had not done his time when his tracks thrown in by Presha brought the crowd out in cries for more bass.

Sadly, the big bad bass boys did not come out to please the hoards again, instead goers were left to the local talent to dance their socks off to.

Rachael Meese