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All ' mixes seamless

.. thought I might just mention the Danny Howells (Global Underground) gig i attended at Sandwhiches.

7 Jun 2005

I was all in all pleasantly surprised! Hadnt really listened to any of his stuff, but there was a good group of people going - and he did seem to have a pretty good rep for skills on the decks.

He played a 4 hour set from 12 till 4 - so the beginning was a little on the chilled side - but he really started to crank things along as the set progressed. My normal preference is for crazy stonkin germanic acid techno... this was far from that, but despite that the guy managed to put together a really enjoyable set which managed to get everyone going. I dont think i have ever heard anyone play so smoothly - all the mixes were seamless - and the sounds were nice and quirky. He managed to incorporate a lot of spacey sounds and some good acid trebble over nice reasonably paced baselines.

Anyway.... blah blah just thought i would say he is well worth checkin out if he happens to be in a town near you.... Definately not too hard, but neither too soft. And my enjoyment was not coloured by chemicals or pepper, a little Heineken perhaps, thus it is not a loved up shirt off ice rubbing glow stick wavers view of an evening :-)

Hope everyone's Friday goes well and the long weekend brings some good times.

Oh and PS - Happy Birthday Luke - Keeping the Queenstown Massive real since 1976 :-)