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How many committed caffeine fiends out there?

20 Oct 2004

How many a day, what's your coffee routine, how do you like it?

I'm at a steady two a day. (highest was about six a day in the early 90s)
Flat White if I'm out and about.

At work we scored a whole lot of Roasted Addiction coffee and I'm the only
real coffee drinker so I'm working my way through it with my trusty plunger.
Nothing beats that morning blast of ridiculously strong plunger coffee.

Just fired up the jug for this afternoon's hit now. :)




I seem to have an affinity with substances ending in 'ine'.

I have about 3 coffees a day on average... In winter it's more like 4-5 and
summer 1-2.

I have been drinking the same coffee since the late eighties... Ciro.

down to one or two max.

Still love it though.

Don't have the time to get it more often than not.

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Yum... I love the stuff! My day doesn't feel quite right if I don't start off with a good ole plunger brew. Preferably drunk from my fav dainty poole china cup accompanied by nice tunes, gazing out at the ever changing harbour. Makes me late to work nearly every day!

Been trying to kick the afternoon habit on the head by sniffing other peoples' coffee.

mmmm soy lattes!!

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Short blacks usually 3 or 4 a day. Try not to have my first one until the
initial tasks of the day are laid out then fuel up to get through :p

Best short blacks in town imo - Sheinkin, although am trying to get to like
a plunger coffee brand to save $$$

A grinder / machine may be on the horizon!

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I have a stovetop percolator at home and I usually have one really strong
shortish black in the mornings (my girlfriend makes it like that) and
that'll do me. I used to drink shortblacks all the time, but now my stomach
can't handle it. Stopped when I stopped going out and getting on it. Now
if I go to town, I'll have one or two soy flat whites.

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two flat whites a day .. max .. hard to avoid if i'm in town
but making a strong attempt to save the $$'s

drinking . Instant at home . cheap . (FX) works like a real one

um . went on a green tea binge ; which stalled when I broke my
tea pot .. green tea has equal amounts of caffeine as coffee .but
is released slowly / compared to a fast hit of coffee .

find that green tea . provides a smoother caffeine curve which
is easier to work on .. with less crashing potential '

plus ' in terms of thirst green tea is very refreshing ..

I find I have coffee ' then about 3 cups of water .. where as I will
make a pot of green tea . and drink about four cups in a morning

// overall goal is to equalize my investment in caffeine against the
functional effect it has in my lifestyle ..

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I'm not too keen on stovetop percolators after having a near miss accident with one a couple of years ago. Was using a big ole one at a boyfriend's batch whilst we were cooking brekkie. Had just turned away from the stove and there was an almighty explosion. Turned back to see a dented stove top, a huge hole in the wall and a coffee trail leading up to the ceiling. The perc was embedded in the ceiling with it's bottom missing. The bang had also sent a large heavy frypan and contents flying onto the floor and knocked all the spices off the wall. The perc is still there in the ceiling today.

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coffee I am so trying to cut down on, drink far too much

2 cups of freshly ground coffee before I leave the house, at least one
plunger pot fill once at work (usually 2 in winter)

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> The perc is
> still there in the ceiling today.

wow.... thats some strong coffee :-O


i'm just gonna affirm myself as a tree huggin' hippy: I'm leaning towards
organic.... Kea i think it called. Bloody nice! none of the acidity that i can
taste with normal coffee and by some freak accident we tried it cold with

ok ok we ran out of mixers but it was surprisingly good

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Sadly..about 6 long blacks a day...never never never

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All of yuz seem to be pussiez so far....

Caffeine Fiends:
1. grind their own beans
2. always have a stash at home
3. never ever pollute a fine brew with cowpus or sugar
4. have special cups

>How many committed caffeine fiends out there?

Didn't get put off at that scout camp in the late 60s when the dutchie was asked to make coffee and tea and made them in the same pot....

>How many a day, what's your coffee routine, how do you like it?

Toned way down. Long blacks. Used to be shorts but drinking out is too hazardous. Two cups daily max. Maybe three. Nothing after 2pm. Got up to 10 cups of that Nescafe Classic clustered granule shit in the early 90s.... grrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

Nothing beats that morning blast of ridiculously strong plunger coffee.

Plunger is for a certain kind of person. Others rate it thus:
1. Espresso
2. Stovetop (despite noted dangers)
3. Plunger
Nooo contest.

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Addict and missing Havana's Cuban!
yeah, seems we have big cups around here, just bought some new ones for the
morning brew, and now, what we used to drink on our plunjah makes 4 average cafe size ones (topped up with plenty of Soy)... that's what I'm needing to get me to work in the morning... nothing after midday though...

unless you count tea ; ) ...
I get through a pot in the evenings, and have a 2 litre of it on my desk...
yum, keeps me cold free!

Miss the flat white, hate the canned coffee the people here drink, yeah,
only drinking at home or in a primo cafe in town, costing about 300yen...
maybe that's about NZ$5.

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Haha... My hot drink of choice rooibos tea, with organic soy milk and organic honey when required. Rooibos with raspberry and vanilla is the nicest, although with chilli is also yum. Got some great chilli chai too.

Yes, I am the biggest pussy in the world.

Back to coffee, I normally have a flat white on work days, mainly just to get out of the office (you know, the place where I waste my time emailing ;) ... and then about once every 2 or 3 months I might have one flat white on the weekend.

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Can we stop talking about addictive substances so openly!

Bring on Nando's Reclassification Bill : )

Cuff and Larry could have been Tjaden too, at the

Holic doing quad coffee shot in a short glass with 4 sugars and cream. I did
one once. I do remember felling bits of my body I hadn't really noticed
before. Like the vein on my neck.

I also recall this concoction was developed as a bit of starter motor for
the boys. They used to test slightly weaker versions on early morning suits
and see how quickly they could force a toilet mission out of them.