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Experiencing the NZ psytrance scene.

A french raver bringing discovery and exchange.

19 May 2005

New Zealand offers one of the most amazing landscapes in the world, and like everyone I enjoy it. But combining it with the opportunity to let your mind escape in psychedelic music can be just a pure moment !!! I'm a French raver who arrived in New Zealand 8 months ago for work. I was really aware of a desire for enjoying this experience and discovering also the psytrance kiwi scene. Definitely a drum'n bass oriented place, it was a little bit difficult to find big festivals over here except during Christmas time. But my waiting has been rewarded during the summer with a lot of events around Christchurch !!

I have had the pleasure of going to the summer soulstice party and recently TranceFur event. The two experiences were pretty awesome. Kiwi ravers really focus on environmental protection, and it was really crazy for me to find no drink stand, and smoking forbidden!!! But these privations are really justified, if only to have the opportunity to dance in a magnificent place and to protect and respect it. This awareness of the spirit of nature offers the way to dream and dance timelessley in front of an amazing sunrise over a pure place!!!

In France, I'm a member of a French rave association named Hadra (http://www.hadra.net), a non profit electronic organization. Our objective is to promote electronic music in the Rhône-Alpes area of France, where there are not yet many musical events. Like here, we establish close collaboration with all relevant partners and authorities in such a way that this new musical genre can flourish without being seen in a negative light. Another point that is very important to us, is the will to install and maintain a dialogue between associations for information and drug prevention etc., as well as making sure the public views are welcome.

Starting some years ago, with events were there were 100-200 people, we now reach the thousands giving us the opportunity to invite more prestigious djs for pushing the limit of the mind of the party-machine people !!!

It is our purpose to create new contacts and build also existing relationships between local artists and other music scenes, both national and international.

I will be happy to do it here with the NZ scene and meet local kiwis artist, djs or event organizers. That can provide us an opportunity for the future to bring an exchange between kiwi/French scene !!! (or more generally between Europe and the pacific trance movement)

Our association has released a compilation with the best artists of our last parties, you can listen to some extracts here: http://www.hadra.net/label/releases.php

And this summer (in France) we are organizing our first big festival in the south of France:

HADRA Trance Festival, 1-2-3 July 2005, Chorges - Hautes Alpes (France).

(every informations on the website http://www.hadra.net/index2.php)
We really hope see kiwi ravers overthere !!!

So for any informations about festival or to contact me through the association, a simple email address: hadra@hadra.net (same address applies if you enjoy the compilation track and you want to order it).

Time to go party again !!!