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A dash of Garlic helps in Weight Loss

22 Dec 2005

Benefits of natural products and herbs are immense. The gift of nature such as garlic, an integral part of our regular cooking, has shown positive results in case of weight loss. Garlic is a perfect compliment for most of our diet plan. It normally consists of the compound allicin which has anti-bacterial effects therefore it helps in reducing unhealthy fats and cholesterol and makes us lose weight. Apart from these, it also contains an antioxidant that reduces blood clotting as well as other chemicals which help against cancer.

If you want to maximum benefits from this wonder herb then you prefer to eat it raw or baked whole in the oven. In case of frying, do not allow them to go brown. Most of the time it's used as a flavoring agent or a food product. It is also available as an herbal supplement. When used as a food product, the benefits and potential side effects of garlic may be less pronounced than when it is used as an herbal supplement.
Due to its multiple benefits, garlic and garlic supplements are consumed across many cultures for their hypolipidemic, antiplatelet and procirculatory effects. In addition to these proclaimed beneficial effects, some garlic preparations also appear to possess hepatoprotective, immune-enhancing, anticancer and chemopreventive activities. It has been used by people since time immemorial for curing colds, flu and a list of ailments. Garlic and aged garlic extract has been highly effective in reducing the two leading causes of death, cancer and heart disease and extending life itself.
Therefore studies conducted on garlic suggests that a daily dose of cooked garlic or garlic extract along with good eating habits and a good lifestyle can substantially reduce the risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity in the society. It works as an antioxidant, antibacterial and intestinal antiparasitic too. Most importantly it reduces the cholesterol and helps in losing weight.
So, by adding a dash of garlic to your food stuff, you can get rid off that ugly fat and make weight loss a part of your life.

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