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' totally loved it

Philippa back from Splore!

9 Mar 2004

I totally loved it - took my inner hippy for a walk so to speak:o)

The production was good as you'd expect from Oceania, and the whole festival was looking beautiful - a lot of care had been put into how things looked. And they were very lucky with the weather too - apparently Ken Ring recommended them to put it on this weekend...

There were maybe 1500 people there on the Friday night - not sure how many of those were stall holders etc - there was an extensive and cool market this year. I assumed it would be busier on the Saturday night (had to leave due to other commitments for Satdee). I'd be interested to see figures of how many people paid - maybe more than it would appear, with people disappearing off to the campsites at different times of the day and night etc.

Go Splore tho' - I for one will be writing a letter of thanks to Amanda (the director) for providing a well rounded and culturally enriching festival experience...