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909 Revolution

I have been challenging people recently to name me one NZ Dj who would get them up off the couch instantly. Some old school rockers are getting more mileage from your Aunties than a four to the floor to BZP.

25 Mar 2005

So just what the in the heck is going on?

Wheres the underground? Where is the edge at, who's got green slippers and Chinese bodyguard? The word on the back channel is that Psecret has opened a new list for the Techno keepers. That's right, forget about the vudoo, black magic and covens after dark.

This is digital hook ups for the committed to the cause. A mainline direct to the underground, transparent hyper vision. Whisper radio ' inside the inside.

A lost cause ' elitist snobs! Tell that to me when your dancing next to a sweaty jockstrap too gram house, pumped to the gills on bull semen. Just drop your handbag and form a circle!

What about the White room where we go dancing? VIPs don't get passes to the right parties they stand on the street with all the others.

Stuff it, stick to your forums and public domain. Line up at the the front door, txt for your tickets, read about it in the magazines first, stay with the group you'll be safer.

You really think you know what's going on, some hung over guy on the radio got the psecret. Your dealer knows a girl who's got tickets to the after-hours club.

To late, is already gone 909.