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Ltj Bukem

Ltj Bukems gig at Fu Bar on 5th March

Dominika Zielinska

I was slightly apprehensive arriving at my old home fu-fu. There had been so much anticipation surrounding old junglist massive LTJ Bukem and I was eagerly awaiting some progressive grooves. Fu was bizarrely quiet for a Saturday night International. We were uncharacteristically early but the drinks were flowing as we leaned on the bar vaguely listening to Phantom play his set, dropping some rollers and a few favourites. The vibe was becoming increasingly hyped and a friendly atmosphere was circulating; it was definitely going to be a high quality party.

LTJ appeared after 1.30am to weave his selection of eerie atmospheric tunes and militant jungle rhythm. He dropped the BPM to down tempo, fattened up the bass, and increased the vibe samples. The night was very production focused and every track that Bukem laid out had been intricately crafted.

At 2am the place was rocking, by this time I was grinning from ear to ear. Bukem decided to take the music up a notch (or was that just me) with his hair tingling deep rolling bass lines.

Mc Conrad stepped up to the mic and an appreciative resonance was heard from the crowd. He was just warming up as the crowd grew substantially reaching an eclectic pinnacle with Makato 'Golden Girl' .

With the soulful tunes pounding out of the Fu sound system it was musically hard to find a fault. LTJ finished up with another untitled scorcher by Makato, certainly one to look out for on the Good Looking catalogue.

All in all it was a great night, quality drum and bass nights like this deserve to succeed. Pure Class.

Words by Juli, Photos By Dominika