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lite byte bits

light as you see it is only the final version ..

Simon Kong

Lighting is such a subtle state. It is immaculate in it's precision, its touch can be
gentle or outright abusive. Light can direct emotion or illuminate ideas.

The use of lighting at events can make the experience exceptional or just plain.
The catch is that you will probably never know which way it was . . until you
start to look for the difference.

Lighting Designers see events in an entirely different perspective. What they
provide will define the way you see an event, literally.

Think of all you favorite moments at a party .. what were the lights doing?

The odds are that the lighting designer planed to facilitate that moment !

// Shouts out to the /profiles/reflex_lighting_intelligence_ crew in Wellington .. Blink & Spawn
Shouts out to the /profiles/illuminiati crew in ChCh