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Heavenly Burlesque

Oh, So Heavenly Burlesque

Arriving at the theatre, I could feel an air of anticipation over what was to come...

I saw a sexy diamante Fairy waving her magic wand; there was colour & costumes, drinking & chatter.... a mild chaos if you will. There were little skits happening in the stairwells, and colourful costumes in great abundance! The characters of the show introduced us to their skills, as we found our seats in a very packed auditorium.

The dance music started playing, toes started tapping and VOILA! On the stage a striptease began behind a screen, the shadow work was shady, skilled & humorous. Erotic outfits & skits including whips, hoops, fabric cascading from the ceiling & (yes) A SHOPPING TROLLEY! I don't think that I'll ever shop quite the same way again! A real team who at times involved the audience in really quite an intimate way. Smiles and beaming faces all round...

I was left wanting, however. It felt like it almost got me, but not quite... Maybe they need to bring in a few more toys... Although, I do understand a couple of acts couldn't make it to the performance. Had they been there, it may have made it just that little bit more more satisfying.

It was a great show - with a very rhythmic band at the after party... lots of dancing, panting and nice vibes to be had.

Words by Malinda Myers :: Photos by Dominika Zielinska