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Friday 13th , night sequences. Are you ready?


This was to be a night in search of break beats, breaking beats, broken beats on the beat. And some beauties too. All in aid of Youthline , a worthy cause for a fundraiser.

Now there's something you need to know about the Night Rider; he's a bit of a cyborg really. On his excursions out and about he realises that he is in good company. There's a lot like him out there. As such it is only natural that he should gravitate to techno music. It is a bit like discovering his soul or an echo of it. But this was to be no night in techno territory such as he knows it.

He also loves psytrance and normally would be quite happy to devote his energies entirely to this style of a night. This evening provided him with the opportunity to reconnect with some people who had collaborated to make this year's Resolution 05 so meaningful, namely the VJ Ben of Optrix and Dr Bazz and associates.

The superstitious had decided to not venture forth and tempt fate it seemed or they had retreated to their caves. Night Rider had heard that the dark one was in town.

It is not often that he traipses back and forth between venues and sound stages. The last time he had done something like this was in Whitianga. As it so happened there he had also been warmed up by psy trance before discovering the broken beats of Baitercell, Schumacher and Bex.

Although it was a lowshow and the Night Rider felt sorry for the organiser of this worthwhile cause, the organiser himself seemed resolutely upbeat and positive as befits a counsellor for Youthline. He said amongst other things that what young people often forget to do and need to do more often, is to reach out to their mates when they are in need. That is an observation that seems to be true for us all. Let's hope that the next fundraiser is better received.

It is all too easy to point the finger and to not do anything to improve the situation. I know a man who has set out to make a difference and has set up a charity for youth at risk. It is under-resourced in all ways yet he soldiers on, physically disabled as he is.

As he stared out upon this inner city of lights and visions it began to stir from its slumbers and the Night Rider began to morph into the Day Tripper. You have not been introduced to the Day Tripper before but he is only too happy to lend his support to this worthy cause. He has seen too many headstones in too many graveyards of too many young people in his travels.

"I'm on your side....I'll be your sugar....show me how; it's what's down low that counts." ABBS

Resin 8

The Night Rider/Day Tripper

R I P Nicole Mace 1967 , 2005.

To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.

It is an echo....