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Electrotruckers @ Ink May 6 2005 Vol 2

A night deep in the heart of Techno and Electro territory


I was really hoping to spare myself for the Antix release party on Saturday but I saw this and decided that I just had to lend my support to the stalwart Techno community. I was aided and abetted by George fm who were giving away the freebies but I would have gone anyway.

In the small venue that is Ink an enthusiastic throng soon gathered and I was able to cut loose with my digital. I was manic and fired off nearly 100 pics of which a smaller number appear here.

Thanks are due the dj's and in particular Rob Knight who organised and promoted the evening. Not to mention the management and staff of Ink of course and of course you the dance community. You make it all happen.

And yes I still managed to get to Antix.

Night Rider