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A view from 313

Attached a few photos from the course of affairs so far.

Just a note to say thanks for the pointers. Simon K sent me to exactly the right place -- Punakaiki, it was magical (in addition to the usual touristy thing at the pancake rocks I had a great short walk up the Porarari river and we had a fine view of the half moon and the comet on Friday night, since then it was wet and wetter :)

I'm in Westport and that was not a good idea, but they do have an interesting skate park (Portland where I live is the real home of municipal skate parks, the one in Westport is sponsored by Solid Energy etc.) You might enjoy one of the pics I took there. Also a very brief rainbow in Westport proving that even in dull places nice things happen.

I also signed up on obscure, of course :)

see you in the future!