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Velvet NYE03

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    Proven to be consistently the best night out in Auckland for over 3 years, it is time to say goodbye.

    Proven to be consistently the best night out in Auckland for over 3 years, it is time to say goodbye. Celebrate NYE03 with your friends and in the most glamorous venue in New Zealand at the last Velvet.

    "Auckland's benchmark night out"

    R22 age limit - The most sexy, glamorous, diverse, and up for it party crowd in Auckland.

    Strictly limited tickets - No overcrowding, no queuing for bars or toilets, and no inability to see the acts you desire.

    Complimentary glass of bubbly on arrival - Until 11.30pm to set the mood for your special night out.

    Fully serviced amenities - Air-conditioned comfort. No running makeup! Modern facilities, bathrooms cleaned and serviced throughout the evening.

    6 rooms of music to choose from to suit every mood.

    The most complete and varied musical line up.

    Velvet NYE03 will offer the largest Live musician and DJ music combination in Auckland. - Funk, Jazz, Anthems, Sax, House, Percussion, Garage, Trumpet, Progressive, Flute, Guitars, Break-Beat and much more.

    4 International DJs - World class guaranteeing a good time.

    15 Top local DJs - The best party rockers in the country.

    Deezastar live performances including full theatrical show and roaming performers.

    Voted the best venue in New Zealand Enter a complete fantasy world. The Civic is utterly amazing from the second you walk through the doors.

    Line up

    Nicky Holloway - London - Velvet Underground
    Austin Leeds - Miami - Bedrock
    DJ Booth - London - Coalesce
    Hardy Shrub - London - Coalesce

    House of Downtown - exclusive nye set
    Soane - exclusive nye set
    Brother Trav
    Darryl Milne
    Steve Steers
    Glen Marsh
    Luke Thompson (tbc)
    Reverend Gav'
    George FM - Fresh Funk
    Carl Walker & Emma Green
    Uncle Phil
    Ned Roy
    Big Pun


    Lewis McCallum -
    The Funky Reverends
    Kay Smith
    Levani Vossasi
    Jake Sax (tbc)
    Ted Clarke
    DW Browne (tbc)
    Sweet Baby Dave
    More tbc

    Early bird tickets $65
    Tickets $85 plus booking
    Group discounts available. Contact tiok@ihug.co.nz


    Available from all Ticketek outlets nationwide
    Buy online http://www.ticketek.co.nz
    09 307 5000

    http://www.thefunkfactory.co.nz for more details

    Dress Code. Glamorous! Masquerade, disco funk, costume, style. No effort No entry.
    Right of admission reserved.


    Nicky Holloway - London - Velvet Underground

    UK legend Nicky Holloway is a true pioneer of the dance scene. His Djing spans nearly 20 years and he has headlined with the best. Kicking off the main room from 10pm sharp.

    Starting 'Special Branch' in 1984 with Pete Tong combining hip-hop, rare groove, r&b and early with Gilles Peterson spinning a more eclectic selection in the other room. The Special Branch's reputation grew and grew. Enter stage left, House music.

    Nicky opens Trip at the Astoria. 2,000 people turned up every Saturday for 2 years, the first acid house club of it's kind. Nicky & Pete Tong took up residence. Guests included Dave Morales, Todd Terry, Kevin Saunderson, Derek May and West Bam

    1990 Nicky opens the Milk bar. With it's whiter than white image and strict door policy it stood out in clubland. Nicky booked and played with Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Dave Dorrell, Darren Emerson, Danny Rampling's Pure Sexy and Glam, Brandon Block and Lisa Loud playing FUBAR on the Sunday night. Dave Morales, Tony Humphries, the Brand New Heavies and even an unheard of Jamiroquai got signed after doing spots at the club. It's safe to say the Milk Bar rocked

    1994 The world famous Velvet Underground was born. In the years Nicky was at the helm of the club, everyone who was anyone graced the decks.

    Since then Nicky has played in countries such as Spain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, America, Argentina, Russia, Egypt, Greece, Philippians, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, China, Dubai, Bahrain, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Scotland & Kosovo.

    2002 Nicky Holloway rocks the main room of Velvet NYE03

    Check him out on http://www.trusttheDJ.com Radio every Wednesday at 1pmGMT

    Austin Leeds - Miami - Bedrock

    Austin absolutely blew Auckland away with a storming set for us at MIX earlier this year. Austin's technical ability and flawless programming gave us one of the fattest sets this year. With a fresh bag of tunes & new productions Austin will rock the Taj Mahal at 12am.

    Reviews from the Gathering cried "better than Digweed!" Voted hottest new talent at the Miami Music Conference, he is undoubtedly one of the most sought after DJs on the international circuit today.

    Austin's dynamic productions have attracted the attention of major DJ's throughout the world. With releases on Bedrock, Bliss, Choo Choo, Inversus, Zone UK, and Music Now, and with collaborations with the likes of Jimmy Van M, Cass & Slide, Natious, Darko, Mara, Sleepsfreaks, Souldriver, Mainline, Origin and New Zealands own Son.Sine, Austin is well established within his blistering career. You will also find Austin's productions on compilations from Deep Dish, Nick Warren, the Global Underground albums of John Digweed and Anthony Pappa, Anthony Pappa's Nu Breed CD. Andy Hughes's - Altered States (Bliss Productions); Flying Rhino Records and the acclaimed 'Communicate' by Sasha & Digweed.

    His track "More," with Jimmy Van M got a 5 star review in Muzik Magazine(U.K); and was charted at number one on Massive Records charts U.K. When he's not writing, producing and engineering his own original works, as well as joint projects with other well known Dj's and producers, Austin is playing the world.

    Coalesce - London

    " ... The A list main feature.." - The Mirror Newspaper

    "Coalesce..the rest of clubland should hang their heads in shame at the emount of effort that's gone into making them worthy of their name" - Jacques Peretti - The Guardian

    "Coalesce...The undisputed King's of the Underground.." Mixmag

    "Fast emerging as the most luvdup & starry parties in London" - Tony Marcus ID

    "their parties are filled with suntanned flesh, scarlet hair, pretty boys, lesbian kisses, Prada gear, hugs & people jacking off in pink fluff, silk and satin into lush wildness" Mixmag

    "Coalesce...Once you have been this high, beautiful and far-out, there's no way you can ever come back down. Respect" - Mixmag

    DJ BOOTH - London - Coalesce

    DJ Booth is the number 1 headliner at Coalesce. His sets incorporate a range of upbeat styles from driving funky House to harder techno influenced beats. Loved for his ability to read the crowd & get the dance floor moving, DJ Booth's upfront style has taken him to The Ministry of Sound, Imperial Gardens, Crash, The Zap Club in Brighton, and many more. Recent international dates include a club tour of Rio and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

    Hardy Shrub - London - Coalesce

    Playing from 12.30 in the Deep House Room.
    Main resident in the Coalesce funky room, Hardy plays a fusion of Deep House, Funky beats and eclectic grooves. Internationally, his playing has taken him to Brazil, The Love Parade in Berlin, The Melkveg in Amsterdam and a residency in Ayia-Napa. Also plays Homelands, The Ministry of Sound, Iceni and Heaven in London, as well as guest spots for MTV.

    The Funky Reverends - Live Funky House music -

    The highlight of Velvet for many, when The Rev's hit the stage, they literally create an electrical storm of energy. Each gifted musician brings the apex of their craft to fuse together a funky combination of musical instruments in motion. Lead Guitarist "Sweet Baby Dave" Brother Trav on Decks and the funkiest assortment of musicians in town. Equates to a benchmark in live performance. A talent saturated live funky house band that utterly consumes the Velvet dancefloor. DO NOT MISS

    Soane - Exclusive N.Y.E set
    Famous for his storming chunky sets, Soane guarantees to keep his room rammed and rocking. One of the most exciting party DJ's in the world.

    House of Downtown - Exclusive N.Y.E set
    The Auckland Live Act/DJ/production due of Emerson & Christian have been funking New Zealand's top dance floors for years. Always busy with albums, live performances, Djing, and their radio show (R.I.P), House of Downtown ensures an all smiles, sexy workout on the dancefloor.