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Unity Pacific and Three Houses Down

  • Music: Roots, Reggae
  • DJs: Art Official
  • Bands: Unity Pacific, Three Houses Down, The Mighty Asterix
  • Tickets: $20

Heavy NZ Roots

Moving Production presents:

Unity Pacific celebrates the cultural heritage of all its members; Niuean, Cook Islands, European, Maori and Samoan. The crew combine "stripped back dread roots with wonderful improvisation" and have released two critically acclaimed albums - "From Street To Sky" (2003) is a potent political retrospective through which Tigi tells his story as a first generation Niuean New Zealander who fought successfully with many others to bring about a paradigm shift in race relations in 1970s and 1980s New Zealand - and "Into The Dread" (2007) which celebrates the faith and unity of the band.

Alongside Three Houses Down - a group built on a strong choral tradition who are also finalists for best debut album and best group in the Pacific Music awards.

With support from The Mighty Asterix & Art Official.