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Tambolele & Afro Sambas of Baden Powell

  • DJs: Segio Perere
  • Bands: Segio Perere, Geovane Sassa, Santonne Lobato, Aloisio Horta
  • Tickets: $22 from Under the Radar

Sacred and Contemporary Rhythms from Minas Gerais, Brazil

The opening concert for the Wellington leg Live Brazil - Tambolele, a vibrant and creative group from Brazil are a group of four musicians playing a variety of percussion and 'home-made' instruments - Coming from an underprivileged area Tambolele work widely with social issues and run a cultural centre.

'Afro Sambas' from the profound composer Baden Powell - compositions that were the result of a journey into the African Roots of Brazilian music.

Tambolele & Afro Sambas of Baden Powell

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