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  • Music: Breaks, Dancehall, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electro, Funk, Glitch, Hip Hop, House, Reggaeton
  • DJs: Amuse, DJ Realtime, Mufasa, Zac Infact, MC Trace
  • Tickets: $5 on the door

$5 Pumping Multi Genre Bass party!


Rollin Dice is about a back alley bunch of dice rollin' DJ's who have a need to shake it up with those loud ass, bass heavy tunes in the partiest of styles all the time. With tastes rolling from hip hop, broken beat, glitchness and monster step bigness, almost anything goes - loud kicks, loud strings, loud hits, loud bass.


MUFASA*** (No Ordinary Moment) (Bass Oasis)

Well decent Dubstep all up in ya area. This is the cat behind "No Ordinary Moment" giving us the now huge and well renown "Bass Oasis" parties which always go down with some dope and epic sounds - the cat has the party and selection of a king.

ZACINFACT*** (Mc Trace)

This kid plays a bit of different stuff from the soul and funk side of life to the drum, dub, bass and step side but will be injecting that taste into a bass driven broken/future/hip-hop/dubstep/glitchie esque set - party as.

And introducing... !!


This fresh duo will be debuting under this exciting new alias tonight so expect a very pleasant surprise, and big mixes to come! These kids will be smashing out the DnB, Dubstep, Electro which they do so well, but are on that bass heavy hip/dub/hop/step tip too so be ready for tunes a little bit out of the ordinary...


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