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Regression Sessions

  • Music: Drum and Bass, Jungle
  • DJs: Ruffstep, Flaw, Codec, Conspiracy
  • Tickets: $10 doorsales only

Drum & Bass History 101: old school, middle school, new school, one night.


After a long, heart-rending absence, Broken Memories is back to teach another lesson in DnB history. This will be a night full of tunes that moulded the scene into what it is today, a logical regression into the sound we all love. Covering the light, dark, rough and smooth, get ready for a night to remember.

Back on stage is local legend, the one and only Ruffstep…. laying down a true oldskool rolling jungle set to be remembered!!… alongside him is Flaw, dropping a classic oldskool breakbeat hardcore set covering the founding years of jungle.

Also returning is a Broken Memories staple, Conspiracy, a name synonymous with the development of Wellington Dnb, along with new addition Codec, a man on a mission. Together the pair will cover the quintessential middle-school time of the late ‘90s. The period jungle “grew up” in style and reinforced its place in the history of electronica.

Get ready to hear that absolute gem played out again, or get schooled up on the years of music that have served us all so well.

DnB History 101: The Regression Sessions.
3 August 2007 at San Francisco Bathhouse.

Set times:
10.30pm–1.30am - Oldschool - Flaw and Ruffstep

1.30am-4.30am - Middle School - Conspiracy and Codec

4.30am – Close - New School - anything goes.

More info: