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Reggae Fi Peach

  • Music: Dancehall, Dub, Reggae, Roots
  • DJs: Topknot, Duke Willis, Prince Alexander, Ras Twig & The Undercover Brother
  • Bands: The Mighty Asterix
  • Tickets: $10 on the door

Reggae For Peace And Unity

Blair Peach was a New Zealand-born teacher and campaigner against right-wing and neo-Nazi organisations who became a symbol of resistance when he died as a result of police brutality during a demonstration in London, United Kingdom in the late 70's. Peach was killed in a clash with officers from the Metropolitan Police's Special Patrol Group in Southall, in April 1979, during a demonstration by the Anti-Nazi League against a National Front election meeting taking place in the town hall. He was knocked unconscious and died the day after in hospital.

Linton Kwesi Johnson's famous song "Reggae Fi Peach" chronicles the death of Blair Peach in the form of Dub Poetry, representing a position of defiance to the attitudes of the UK government at that time.

Come to Sandwiches, Friday 20 April, and be part of a Sounds Almighty (Topknot, Duke Willis & Prince Alexander) session, with special guests The Undercover Brother, Ras Twig and The Mighty Asterix, in support of unity and peace.