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Positive Vibrations presents

  • Music: Reggaeton, Reggae, Ragga, Hip Hop, Funk, Experimental, Dancehall
  • Bands: Jinetero MC, King Kapisi, Flows and Kos 163 from The Footsouljahs, Olmecha Supreme, King Homeboy, Blunt Committee, Still Burning, Rainbow Country, Sheeba Williams
  • Tickets: $25 presale @ Cosmic Corner $30 doorsales

Hustling up the Sounds of Cuban Street Culture

On Thursday 11th February at Wellington San Francisco Bathhouse, top homegrown hip hop and reggae musicians will come together for a one off event 'Positive VibratioNZ' to support the release of New Zealand's first ever reggaeton EP. Award-winning hip-hop artist, King Kapisi, seasoned veteran rappers from The Footsouljahs and over ten other well-known bands, DJs and MCs are in the eclectic mix on offer fronted by Cuban born reggaeton maestro, Jinetero MC.

Jinetero MC (Yonier Cuevas Vega) brings his spicy reggaeton rhythms straight from the streets of Cuba and, with a pinch of a kiwi groove, is setting out to hook New Zealanders to the hypnotic beat of this Latin street style which has taken US and Latin America music scenes by storm. Fusing salsa and hip hop rhythms with the Jamician influences of reggae and dancehall, reggaeton is a unique sound straight from the hot dusty streets of Latin America. Jinetero MC kicks reggaeton off in Aoteoroa with his EP 'LIBERTAD' which seamlessly blends the deep grooves of his native Cuba with stylings he's picked up since relocating to New Zealand six years ago.

As the reggaeton singer of one of New Zealand’s foremost live acts, Olmecha Supreme, Jinetero MC has spent the past three years touring New Zealand and Australia with his unique sound and more and more people are responding with their feet to his fast-paced lyrics and charismatic high energy performances. With his upcoming debut EP recorded in both New Zealand and Cuba, Jinetero MC is a man on the move.

“People would always say to me when I was a small boy in the village in Cuba “You can’t do that but I wanted to do it and I did it always – sometimes you just have to push the limits” says Jinetero MC.

The line up for Positive VibratioNZ includes:

Jinetero MC (Reggaeton)
King Kapisi (Hip Hop)
Flows and Kos 163 from The Footsouljahs (Hip Hop)
Olmecha Supreme (Afro-Fusion/Hip Hop)
King Homeboy (Beat Box World Champ)
Blunt Committee (Hip Hop)
Still Burning (Reggae)
Rainbow Country (Reggae)
Sheeba Williams (Cabaret Fusion)
The Wanderers (Hip Hop)
DJ D (Africa)