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Path 2 Darkness feat Enduser (USA)

  • Music: Drum and Bass
  • DJs: Enduser (USA), K.S.M, A.lista, Bline
  • Bands: 309z media


The drums are haunted, The bass is evil, Prepare to get dirty, Prepare to be afraid, Prepare to be left in the darkness.

Lynn Standafer is the unassuming, mild-mannered alter-ego of the one-man sonic wrecking crew known as Enduser. Born as the bastard son of KRS-One, Skinny Puppy and Photek, raised on a steady diet of hip-hop and early jungle records, Enduser smashes through genre walls with alternating punches of industrial strength drum and bass and hip-hop flavored breakcore. Since 1994, Enduser has been shredding through genre tags more quickly than they can be coined to describe his unique approach to the twisted world of hardcore broken beat music. Regardless of the labels on the dividers in record bins around the world, Enduser's music will always be defined by its use of complex drum programming and darkly distorted atmospheres to create a sense of frenzied unease. Take the viscera of a Romero film and the brooding of a Clive Barker novel and then splatter it against a landscape of urban decay at 200 miles per hour and you begin to get the feeling of an Enduser record where moments of calm ambience set up the vicious assaults of rhythm and noise. Enduser's is not music for the mindless rave zombie, and it is not for the faint of heart as it tears away at preconceptions about break-beat driven music while utilizing the best tricks of that well-tested tradition to excite and entertain. With the help of radio play from John Peel, Bailey and the Breezeblock on Radio 1; a string of great reviews; and the backing of some of the top names in the hardcore and drum n bass worlds, Standafer's musical juggernaut has landed spots working with artists like The Bug, Panacea, Dr. Israel, Bill Laswell, NYC hardcore band Terror and countless others. His recorded output has become the stuff of legend on respected cult labels such as Ant-Zen, Sublight, Hymen, Mirex, Ad Noiseam, The Bug's Razor's X, Ohm Resistance and UK drum and bass leader Outbreak. In addition to Enduser's prodigious output, Standafer is also producing music for Acclaim US, scoring independent films, and operating his own experimental drum and bass label, Sonicterror Records. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and frequently performs around the US and around the world.