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Parra for Cuva (Ger) @ Mi Casa

  • Music: House, Deep House
  • DJs: Parra for Cuva, Vernon, Bastian

This may be the biggest house international to visit the capital all year.

This may be the biggest house international to visit the capital all year. Please join us in welcoming Berlin wunderkind Parra for Cuva for his Wellington debut.

If you've heard his "Wicked Games" hit (with more than 9 million views...) you'll surely be as enchanted as we are by his smooth harmonies and unique rhythms.

The Mi Casa crew has a special connection with Germany, and Berlin is the epicenter of the electronica and house music that we love. If you enjoyed some of the other German internationals we've hosted over the last year like Nico Stojan, Soukie & Windish, Daniel Wilhelm, and Madmotormiquel then you are going to love this evening.

Parra for Cuva will be putting together a special hybrid live set / dj set for the event.

And because we genuinely just want to share amazing music and party with you, this night is free.

Wunderbar :)

Parra for Cuva (GER) Biography:

Nicolas Demuth, better known as Parra for Cuva, is a wildly talented young musician, having been born in West Germany’s Cologne, which he left right after his A- levels to study sound design in the wild and vibrant Berlin.

The various musical influences of Berlin boosted his already strong fascination for producing electronic music and his many years experience playing classical and jazz piano was valuable in helping him to express his musical vision and develop his unique sound.

Nicolas has developed an artistic and musical individuality not common in the mass of the electronic music scene. His personal catalogue has steadidly shaped into a collection of well-mended and melody-laden electronica that lets heart and soul dance side by side with body and brain.

Also of great importance is his long lasting friendship to singer Anna Naklab, whose voice stands in perfect symbiosis to his compositions. In the spring of 2013 Parra for Cuva & Anna Naklab released their 'Fading Nights' EP on the french label Delicieuse Musique Records. Followed by other releases including, “Wicked Games“ on Spinnen Records in September 2013.

With great things to come, Parra for Cuva not only wants to get people dancing when plays, but abduct them into a world of Sound and harmony.

Check out his sounds here:



Mi Casa means good times at Welly's fave bar. It means catching up with awesome peeps and world class cocktails. It means dope blends of house, garage, bass and generally just fun slinky beats that will make you want to dance.

Join resident DJs Vernon and Bastian for this rocking night on the last Saturday of every month.

Saturday 25th April 2015
10.30pm till late
At Bettys Function House & Bar

Special thanks to the great people at 42BELOW who help make this party happen.


Parra for Cuva (Ger) @ Mi Casa

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