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Nico Stojan (GER) @ Mi Casa

  • Music: House, Deep House
  • DJs: Nico Stojan, Vernon, Sebastian

One of Berlin’s leading underground DJs

One of Berlin’s leading underground DJs – Nico Stojan – is joining us for a very special guest appearance at Mi Casa and we’d love you be there.

It would mean a lot to see the whole Mi Casa Family come down to boogie and make our international guest feel welcome. This guy is one of the best in the game, we hope you are as excited as we are.

And as always, Mi Casa is free!

Nico Stojan (GER) / Biography

Nico Stojan's rise within the Berlin house scene started with a residency inside the famed walls of Bar 25. His sets there always had the Stojan stamp – tech house with modern injections of jazz and soul that honored his past as one of Germany's best hip hop DJ's.

When Bar 25 closed its doors, new ones had already begun to open, and his deep, almost pensive take on Berlin night music had him spending his weekends playing clubs such as Panoramabar, Watergate and of course, Bar 25's spawn, Katerholzig.

A classically trained clarinette player, he often surrenders its sound live, weaving it through the lusty mood of his sets – it was only natural that he evolved from DJ to producer and soon the Berlin underground were being treated to his own releases on labels such as Highgrade, Connaisseur and Upon You records. Collaborating with other artists has been an important role on his journey - leading to projects and remixes for the likes of Pele, Nicone, Acid Pauli and Philip Bader to name a few.

Mi Casa March line up:
♬ Nico Stojan (GER)
♬ Vernon
♬ Bastian

Plush live visuals will be happening all night and the swish Bettys bar team will be doing what they do best.

We'd be stoked if you can join us for a cocktail and a boogie. See you on the dance floor!

Vernon and Bastian


★★ ★★ DETAILS ★★ ★★

Mi Casa means good times at Welly's fave bar. It means catching up with awesome peeps and world class cocktails. It means dope blends of house, garage, UK funky and generally just fun slinky beats that will make you want to dance.

Join resident DJs Vernon and Bastian for this rocking night on the last Saturday of every month.

Saturday 29th March
10.30pm till late
At Bettys Function House & Bar

FREE entry

Special thanks to the great people at 42BELOW who help make this party happen.