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Mixtape C-120

  • Music: Tech House, Rock, Minimal, Electro
  • DJs: Apex Beat, Dr Hitchcock, Indie Slut, Missy G, Tobiaz.
  • Tickets: Free Entry.

Mixtape Sessions 4th Birthday Party

Double YAY! It's the Mixtape Sessions Radio Show's 4th Birthday and it's time for the first Mixtape Party in CHCH since the "this is NOT the Christchurch Sound" CD Release Party.

It's gonna be all the old school crew as well as the new and if you haven't been to Culture Club in SOL Square yet, go down and check it out! It's opposite Cartel, downstairs beneath Minx (the old Rootes bar). It's decked out with heaps of old school spacies (which are FREE to play by-the-way), crazy 80's style and total uber radness.

PLUR ;) - R18