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    Until recently, no-one knew who the hell Dan Snaith was, but his debut album as Manitoba, 'Start Breaking My Heart', changed all that with a motherlode of critical bon mots and performances along the way. Now, with Susumu Yokota, Manitoba is The Leaf Label's biggest success story.

    Spunk presents MANITOBA NZ Tour!
    Manitoba has recently played at The Big Chill, an Xposure Live gig for John Kennedy's Xfm show and DJ Luv from the mighty LTJ Bukem, Ross Allen, Andy Weatherall, Gilles Peterson, DJ Food to Pete Lawrence, plus the maximum capacity, double headline gig with Four Tet at London's 93 Feet East in August.

    Despite the club scene reference points, the Manitoba sound is not so easy to pin down. 'Start Breaking My Heart' is a beguiling mix of warmth and melody, deep beats and electronic soundscapes. Says Dan, "although I listen to mostly instrumental music, my favourite music is almost all simple songs with singing: Jim O'Rourke, Cat Power, Nick Drake, The Free Design... all pretty folky, very melodic stuff. Manitoba is about trying to make simple, folksy melodies the most important thing." Simple? Folksy? That's all very well, but what about the Big Daddy Kane swagger that comes through? Somehow, Dan's tunes are a sublime mixture of naïveté, spacey splendour and goldplated knuckleduster toughness. Yo.

    "Snaith's emotions and creativity run riot. This is beautiful electronic music rooted in pastoral grace of Boards of Canada, Eno, Aphex Twin's early ambience... but with its own unique vision" 4/5 The Guardian March 2001

    "so fiercely intelligent, yet so lovably playful, so brightly inventive, yet so comfortably familiar that it rebuilds your faith in the power of the margins in an instant... a revelation" 8/10 NME March 2001

    "a riot of delicate leftfield anarchy that steamrollers convention and redefines innovation" The Face

    "A beguiling mix of free-jazz radicalism, abstract electronic beats, cute folksy melodies, avant-classical experimentalism and sweet pop arrangements. And if that sounds like fairly hard going, then I haven't done the record anything like justice, because the beauty of this is that it's both wildly inventive and a relaxing dream of an LP to listen to. Sensational" M8/M8, M8 magazine

    "electronica vibes that almost caress you with their warmth and super organic rhythmic undercurrents" 4.5/5, DJ