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L.A.P.A. After-Party

  • Music: Hip Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton
  • DJs: Undercover, Ras Galho
  • Bands: The Jinetero's
  • Tickets: $10 on the door

Hip-Hop culture in Rio

L.A.P.A. is a fascinating documentary about Rio's Lapa district - 'the Montmartre of South America' - where hip-hop is replacing samba as the new kid on the block and once again transforming this lively cultural centre. The premier of L.A.P.A. will screen at the Film Archive on Fri 27 Nov at 7pm.

And after watching L.A.P.A. dance the night away at a post-film party at the San Francisco Bathhouse featuring live band, The Jinetero's, Undercover & Ras Galho.