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KILL! CLUB eXtraVaganZa

  • Music: Deep House, House, Minimal, Tech House, Techno
  • DJs: KILL! CLUB, Cubensis, Psymon Barnet, Percs, Minimal Wage, Aragorn, Jae K
  • Bands: Ayla's angels, Warp TV
  • Tickets: Free before 12 $10 After

we make this city electronic


Base bar & nightclub Sat June 26th

The rules are simple:

///Dress Smart ///No Requests///Play Techno///

CLUB is about getting your attention, focusing on the details and making presentation an essential medium to the music. Simple, smart, stylish; leading the edge to club culture.

////////MAIN ROOM RESIDENTS//////////

  • Aragorn
  • Ben Fulford-Talbot
  • Jae K
  • Minimal Wage (Psymon Barnet & Percs)

//////////CLUB TROPICANA///////////

  • John Ussher
  • Adelle & Anikin
  • Mattal

Multi Head Visual stimulation - Tim Budgen Warp TV and Nztechnique productions.

WARP TV Tim Ether////

AYLAS ANGELS Burlesque////


A branded event set for international exposure, KILL! CLUB is hosted by the residents with guest support. The resident crew are connected by their musical and visual ethic and a completely electronic approach to music and environmental delivery. We strive for more modern means of music management. We interpret and map our environment. Exciting and adaptive. KILL! CLUB delivers the type of clubbing experience you desire.
Established in Christchurch, in 2007. The Base Christchurch, is our home base.
Surreal, Queenstown has a Bi Annual K!C as does Roots Bar Takaka. Relationships are being established with key clubs around New Zealand. Regular appearances will be made nationwide during 2010. Wellington and Queenstown have been infiltrated. Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney are in process. The 1st date on our NZ Midwinter Tour. Stay tuned''
Live visual branding on LCD and projection screens, themed mannequin, mascots, DJ dress code, environmental lighting, occasional smoke, top quality eargazmic soundsystems, late model hardware, audio stings, vox microphone for communication. Music presentation is collaborative. Tempo 128 bpm +/-

PRESENCE: WEB: http://killclub.net
LOC: http://obscure.co.nz/culture/kill_club
FBK: http://facebook.com/pages/KILL-CLUB/15160592641
VDO: http://nz.youtube.com/user/killclubbers
MYSP: http://myspace.com/killclubminimaltechno
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/killclub
EMAIL/BOOKING: nztechnique@gmail.com