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I-NATION Whitecliffs Festival

  • Music: Breaks, Dancehall, Drum and Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Jungle, Ragga, Reggae, Roots
  • DJs: Marcus Visionary (Canada-Digital Soundboy), King Kapisi, Ladi 6, Sunshine Soundsystem, O.G, Beat Raskool (Dredford/Shapeshifter), Rudeboy (Salmonella Dub) with Mighty Asterix, Mysterious D, Gooba, D'erb, Sticky Fingaz, Nazarite, Messenjah, Red-i, Wrecked
  • Tickets: $49 plus bf from cosmic corner CHCH, Dunedin

Canadian DnB producer Marcus Visionary plays alongside NZ's best mcs and soundsystems at Canterbury's legendary Whitecliffs festival site.

I-Nation Feb 17/18 Whitecliffs, Canterbury 3pm-3pm

Thats right, here is the info you need to go to a legendary music festival site and see some of NZ's best artists and also check Canadian Dub Junglist, Marcus Visionary.

Ticket $49 plus booking fee from Cosmic Corner CHCH (High St and Palms)

NOTE: This event will be limited to 1000 - so don't delay.

Marcus Visionary (Canada-Digital Soundboy)
King Kapisi
Ladi 6 & Parks
Sunshine Soundsystem
Mcs KP and Switch
Beat Raskool (aka Dredford , Shapeshifter)
Rudeboy (Salmonella Dub) + The Mighty Asterix
O.G. (Central Records)
Mysterious D
Wrecked State (Dexta)
Sticky Fingaz
Rudegirl (Central Records)
Poncho San Pedro (Central Records)
Jungle (Dndn)


Whitecliffs is a 50 minute drive from Christchurch. From Riccarton head to Darfield (30mins - last petrol stop), take left on way out to Coalgate, through Glentunnel, take a right to Whitecliffs (do not go over bridge to Methven), continue through to you reach a gravel road, 5 mins. Please drive safe and look after each other on the roads, no rush aye.

The site will open from 3pm Sat 17. You will be asked to stay onsite until you wish to leave, NO PASS OUTS. We don't want anyone on the road who is intoxicated or trying to drive back to CHCH at a dangerous time. This is a no Alcohol, Glass, Fire or Dog event. Your car will be searched and those items confiscated before you are allowed on site.

This is an OUTDOOR event and you should pack appropriately for Sunshine, Rain and Wind. The site is on a farm, so wear comfortable, secure footwear.

DO NOT TRY TO SNEAK IN, there are dangerous mine holes and muddy swamps that could be fatal, respect the farms around us and stay on site.

WARNING: Do not leave your car on the incoming road, it will be a dangerous hazard, and your tires will be let down, and pumped back up the following day for the ticket price.

There is no Telecom Cell phone coverage out there, but Vodafone works in good weather. Tip: say to your friends that you will meet at the food tent on the hour if you are near.

The music will finish at 3pm Sun 18 and the site has to be vacant by 4pm.

Please bring any plastic bags you have and take your rubbish with you. Bring sealed bottled water. No cookers or fire. There will be a range of stores selling vegetarian, vegan food, as well as everything else. There will also be a stall with Cd's from the artists so bring cash.


We repeat this has a 1000 ticket limit, so get into Cosmic Corner High st or Palms asap and secure your weekend ticket.


I-Nation Crew.

Check http://www.centralrecords.co.nz