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Radio Active's Handle the Jandal

  • Music: Techno, Roots, Rock, Reggae, Progressive, Metal, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Experimental, Electro, Dub, Drum and Bass, Dancehall, Breaks
  • Bands: Finalists include videos for: The Sorecocks, Charlie Ash, Onanon, Missing Teeth, Video Kid, Anji Sami, The Gladeyes, Battle Circus, Arkitype, HDU, Boss Christ, Agent Alvin, Thrashing Marlin, Mathew Saville, Flip Grater
  • Tickets: $15 for Active Card holders, $20 otherwise. Tickets from Radio Active, Rex Royale, Real Groove and the Embassy Theatre

The nationwide cutting-edge music video awards for creative kiwis returns for its ninth year. Check Video Here...

Nigel No-Mates doesn't win anything

With one week to go until the 2006 Radio Active 89FM Handle the Jandal awards, the 15 finalists for the Golden Jandals have indulged in a vote-rigging frenzy through the competition's txt-vote system.

Bands, filmmakers and their friends have been txting the names of the entered bands to the mobile phone vote number 89FM (8936), said Radio Active station manager Dave Gibbons. This is the first time that txt-voting has operated for the awards.

"The finalists have been rigging the vote through the txt vote system," said Mr Gibbons. "They've turned the Golden Jandal into a popularity contest.

"It's obvious that the bands with the most friends, or the most people they can convince to txt in to the shortcode 89FM, will take out the Golden Jandal for favourite video.

"It's the measure of how many friends these bands, filmmakers and artists have. Nigel No-Mates doesn't win anything," he said. "So, get txting."

Judging for the six other Golden Jandals will be conducted this week in the categories of 'Best use of exploitative tactics to promote band', 'Best Editing', 'Best cinematography', 'Best Concept', 'Best Animation', and 'Rising Star'.

More information about Handle the Jandal can be found at and the videos can be viewed online at To vote, txt the name of the band to 89FM (8936). Txts cost 99c.

In the lead-up to the award ceremony, Handle the Jandal received an award of its own. At the NZ Design Institute's Bests Awards for 2006, Kraft:Haus Films won the Best Broadcast Graphic Design for the 2005 Handle the Jandal event.

The Handle The Jandal Awards, in its ninth year, are a celebration of New Zealand filmmakers and New Zealand's do-it-yourself culture through the promotion of New Zealand music. Every film must be self-funded and feature New Zealand music.

Radio Active 89FM gratefully acknowledges supporters for the 2006 Handle the Jandal: NZ On Air, C4, Kraft:Haus, Mission Hall, Toolshed TV, Nektar, Soundline, Portsmouth, The Film School, Red Bull, Jagermeister, 42 Below, The Package, Positively Wellington Business, Big Image Print,, Otago University and Park Road Post.