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Freeze - Welcome To Winter '04

  • Music: Reggae, House, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Dancehall
  • DJs: Raphs and KP (Demolition Sound), Woosh with Dave on sax (Subz n' Breaks), Ed Barrit and Jase Kyle (Freakin Base'tards)
  • Bands: Local musios playing live acoustic
  • Tickets: from Base in Wanaka, Play it Again in Qtown

A Shakedown party getting you movin for winter

The Shakedown crew create parties that tickle all your senses. Between us all we have the tunes, the lighting and visuals, and the personal party hours to know how to make our nights special for you.

With the wait for Winter over, now its time to celebrate and have some fun.

With music to bring out the shimmy in everyone, special effects to remind you what winters about and the venue to take it all, right down to keeping you warm with a chai by the fire, this Welcome to Winter party will be the one that starts the winter off right.