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DJ Slipmatt

  • Music: Breaks, Drum and Bass, Hardcore, Jungle, Psy Trance, Ragga
  • DJs: Firefly, Circus, Psilo, Insomniac, Lucid, Flek C
  • Bands: COSM (www.cosm.co.nz), Philter, Sick Cycle
  • Tickets: Presale tickets are available from Cosmic Corner (High St & The Palms) for $20+bf.

Christchurch will be dawned-upon by a man who is dubbed "The Godfather of Rave"

Rinsed & Ruffneck proudly present:
DJ Slipmatt (UK)
Saturday 17th February @ The Civic

Rinsed Productions has been at the forefront of the underground hardcore scene in Christchurch for over 3 years now. Having joined the White Elephant Trust (http://www.we.org.nz) in 2005, it now helps to provide safe multi-age environments for party-goers to attend without the threat of alcohol, drugs or party pills found in other parts of the dance scene.

On February 17th, Christchurch will be dawned-upon by a man who is dubbed "The Godfather of Rave". Matthew Nelson aka the legendary DJ Slipmatt is one of the UK's busiest and well-respected DJ/producers and he's taking time-out to visit New Zealand for the first time, choosing Christchurch as his exclusive NZ date.

Slipmatt first bursted onto the UK scene in the early 90's when he and DJ Lime joined forces as the notorious production duo SL2 and their label Awesome Records. Matt and Lime's first release, 'The Noise/Bassquake' sold 3,500 units in the underground market and gained the SL2 duo the attention of XL Recordings. Their next release 'DJs Take Control/Way in My Brain' went to number 11 in the UK National Charts and 'On a Ragga Tip' hit number 2 in the UK National Charts and the number 1 spot in the Network Charts.

Slipmatt went on to concentrate on creating his specific style of Hardcore with the SMD series (Slip Matt's Dubs). His first release SMD#1 sold nearly 10,000 units, pushing his new sound and launching him into a career of untold success.

Recently, Slipmatt has released with Billy 'Daniel' Bunter 'Helter Skelter vs Raindance : Hardcore 2007', a 3-CD pack through super-label Ministry of Sound http://www.ministryofsound.com/music/albums/Hardcore2007. Their last release 'United in Hardcore' sold over 120,000 units.

Matt is one of the most respected guys in the business which is expressed in his residencies to clubs and raves all over the UK and beyond. He has even started his own club brand 'Slip Back In Time' which he tours with all over the world. Check out http://www.slipbackintime.com and also his personal website http://www.slipmatt.net

Slipmatt will be showcasing an exclusive 2hr set of oldskool jungle/hardcore classics right through to forthcoming releases of soon to be re-launched Universal Recordings. Matt will be supported by a diverse local lineup of live acts

The event will be R16 in the main zone and R18 in the side bar, ID required by all.

For further information please visit our website http://www.rinsed.co.nz