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DIMENSION - The Quantum State

  • Music: Experimental, Psy Trance, Tech House, Techno, Trance
  • DJs: Pie, Architekt, Big Dave, Skylab, Bio Logic, Chrisalis
  • Tickets: $10 Presales from Eventfinda, $15 on the door, SPECIAL OFFER: Bring Someone New to a Phat Productions party and BOTH get a FREE CD of banging psychedelic tunes!

Featuring Pie!

Phat Productions Presents

DIMENSION – The Quantum State

Saturday 1st of December
Bacco Room, Totos
51 Nelson St

10pm – 7am

$10 Pre Sales via Eventfinder
$15 on the door
SPECIAL OFFER: Bring Someone New to a Phat Productions party and BOTH get a FREE CD of banging psychedelic tunes! Wicked!

Quantum systems with multiple states are often reduced to simpler systems by adiabatic elimination of far-off-resonant states. This method provides accurate coupling and Stark shifts in the reduced system for very large values of the detunings only, far greater than that of the relevant couplings. We introduce two alternative techniques for exclusion of an off-resonant state based on the adiabatic and superadiabatic approximations, which provide far more accurate expressions for the coupling and the Stark shifts in the reduced system, and which are valid in much broader ranges of interaction parameters than the traditional adiabatic elimination method.

Lets bring together the resonance of all of our beings for another smashing session of music, fun and heightened consciousness for all that attend. This time we have the famous PIE up from Dunedin, who will play one having it set, plus all the usual suspects doing what we do best – slamming it out! Lets make this a night to remember as it will be the LAST one of the year, so make sure you come along!

And remember, there will be an outdoor afterparty only 15 mins from the venue - weather permitting…so lets make this a biggie!

Featuring a full lineup of Phat Productions DJs:
Big Dave
Bio Logic


  • Free Chai Tea
  • Incredible UV Décor with the brightest la in the land!Lets get ready to rock it, and don’t forget to bring someone new to get your FREE CDs at the door!

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We would like to thank:
Soul Storm Productions
Audio Visual Creations
Flat FM
Prism Photography
And all our friends who make this event possible!

DIMENSION - The Quantum State

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