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Dharma Records presents Bohemian Thought's 'Magnificent Dyslexic' Album Release

  • Music: Reggaeton, Reggae, Ragga, Experimental, Dub, Bhangra
  • DJs: Ak - Nat Rose & The Babystep Soundsystem ; WGN - Imon Starr, Rio Hemopo Hunuki & Newtown Soundsystem, DJ Dozen
  • Bands: Bohemian Thought Live with 9 piece band
  • Tickets:

Bohemian Thought celebrates the release of his debut album with Indo/Afro Carribean Costume party

Bohemian Thought 'Magnificent Dyslexic' Album Release &
Indo/Afro Carribean Costume Party

Bohemian Thought’s live performances capture the real essence of an artist whose true home lies upon the stage. His theatrical approach to the lyrical, along with his passion and energy he exudes, give room for a powerful stage presentation and performance. Join Bohemian Thought, and his nine piece band, as they deliver their uplifting, unique brand of "True Soul" - Not to be missed

tickets available online from cosmic corner

$10 Presale and $15 at the door