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Data Hui

  • Music: Funk
  • DJs: Special Guests
  • Bands: Data Hui
  • Tickets: Door Sales Only @ $20

Billy TK, Mara TK, Riki Gooch, Iraia Whakamoe and Crete Haami are Data Hui


Thursday the 9th of February 2012

San Francisco Bath House

"Data Hui is the band. Taniwhunk is the form of music we play. This genre was coined in order to claim a small part of a vast musical universe for ourselves, lest we continually be labeled the borrower. " Mara TK

My great-grandfather was the last fisherman of our line to catch barracuda
beyond the foreshore, out in pure space.
His son was a civil engineer, like Hone Tuwhare –
Boilermakers they called themselves
I call myself a Maori in space.

Data Hui perform on the 9th of February at San Fran Bath House, their first public performance and an introduction to the forthcoming album Maori in space.... Doors open EARLY for a 9pm start.