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City Nights feat. Tommy Flowers

  • Music: Deep House
  • DJs: Tommy Flowers, Hard Lee, Soultrader
  • Tickets: $10 on the door

Future Bass & Deep Disco

Featured Dj:

Tommy Flowers
(Nuff Said - Gerorge FM Tues 8pm - 10pm)

Deep school, old school, true school.

15 years as a "dj'ing" either destroys an individual or makes them a genre defying coinsurer of quality musics.

Tommy Flowers is certainly the latter. A true head, with a nose in everything and an ear for gold. Through his radio show on George FM (Nuff Said) and various other gigs & shows Tommy has been religiously spreading the good gospel of what is commonly becoming known as "Future Bass".

This new and rapidly emerging genre basically spans a fuzzy edge between deep house and the quirky outer regions of dubstep. Traversing multiple genres along the way like electo, garage, funky, hip house, juke and traps. Future Bass is essentially about one thing .. 'vibe'.

At City Nights we know this: Tommy Flowers is on the 'vibe'.

Come catch the show as we go deep future styles.

$10 on the door


Guest DJ: Soultrader

Resident DJ: Hard Lee

  • reserve a table on the mezzanine (4pax min)
  • specials available for early reserves

More info:-

City Nights feat. Tommy Flowers

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