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Chris Liberator

  • Music: Techno, Tech House, Progressive, House
  • DJs: Chris Liberator (UK), DJ Maya, Chelfyn, Coda, Dannyboy, Addict, Mutant, Helix
  • Tickets: $20 presale from FIRM records, $30 on the door

UK Techno legend Chris Liberator plays his first ever NZ show

"It's not from Detroit, it's not 'intelligent'... but it's f**king 'avin it."


Chelfyn (Auckland)
DJ Maya (Napier)
and more

Heloid are proud to present one of dance music's true pioneers for the first time ever in New Zealand. A prolific music producer and outstanding DJ, Chris Liberator has done it all and earned his dues. Playing funky and hard techno, with a hint of his acid roots, Chris still plays in the London squat/free party scene where he began, as well as headling huge parties in all over the world. Now's your only chance to experience him here.

Supported by an able cast of local hard techno DJs, and a sublime selection of house in the 9 bar. Full decor, VJs, full noise. This is not just another club event.